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SAR kits

We have over 1000 SAR compound kits that contain collections of close analogs designed to quickly explore SAR in drug discovery projects. These collections of related molecules target many diverse scaffolds and were assembled based on a systematic and careful evaluation of published SAR data and accumulated knowledge in synthetic and medicinal chemistry. Our SAR kits provide a systematic approach to explore binding affinities, to search for solutions with ADMET (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, toxicity) problems, and a way for better patent chemical space coverage.

Over 1000 SAR compound kits to buy:

Here is an example of a SAR kit based on the core structure of a 1,6-bifunctionalized motif of 5,6-fused aromatic rings:

SAR Kits Example

Below here is another example of a SAR kit for potential replacements for piperidine. The piperidine moiety has been used extensively for drug discovery and it is part of the structures of many approved drugs and drug development compounds. However, the piperidine moiety causes problems with metabolic stability and may also cause off-target effects. Avanott offers a series of modified piperidines that change the electron density distribution and steric hindrance of its ring structure.

SAR Kits Piperidine