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Welcome to Avanott

Avanott is a chemicals company specialized in biologically-biased molecular building blocks, scaffolds and chiral intermediates for drug development and production. Based in Belgium, Avanott provides the finest quality chemical compounds to pharmaceutical companies and scientific research communities worldwide. Our products come from world-leading synthetic and medicinal chemical manufactures. A group of highly experienced chemists and biologists are the core of Avanott's technical support and customer service team.

At Avanott we continuously add novel and innovative compounds to our growing catalog of over 8000 molecules. We have a large assortment of functionalized compounds and we are a leader in 4-membered ring products such as azetidines, oxetanes and cyclobutanes. We also have a full range of azaindole, pyrimidine, pyrazine and pyridazine derivatives and novel spiro-, bridged and fused chemicals. Additionally, we offer SAR kits of related compounds for SAR studies and we provide custom synthesis and produce specifically requested compounds.

The mission of Avanott is to supply highest quality chemicals that enable better and faster drug development and discovery. With our large assortment of novel and advanced molecules, superior product quality, and reliable customer service, Avanott is a preferred supplier for the modern day pharmaceutical industry.

Your Avanott Team.

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