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Our Products

Avanott offers a catalog of over 8000 specially designed scaffolds & building blocks, most of which are in stock in quantities from grams to tons. Among many other compounds our catalog contains:

  • SAR kits: We have over 1000 SAR compound kits that contain collections of close analogs designed to quickly explore SAR in drug discovery projects
  • Advanced fragment libraries with enhanced 3D characters and F-containing compounds
  • Oxetane series (>350 compounds)
  • Azetidine series (>500 compounds)
  • Cyclobutane series (>500 compounds)
  • Spiro Compounds (>500 compounds)
  • Pyrrole [2,3-d] pyrimidine series
  • Azaindole series (>300 compounds)
  • Indole and indazole chemical series
  • Bridged and fused compounds
  • Piperidine and tetrahydropyran chemical series
  • Pyrrolidine and tetrahydrofuran chemical series